Pets and Pedicures

They are all very attentive when there is food involved! I love to get pictures of the whole pack when I can, though. Our three, plus the houseguests have been getting along well! Maddie, the biggest Lab, is her usual grumpy self from time to time, but I think she enjoys being grumpy sometimes. 

It’s really fun watching all of them play in the back yard! The tiny dog keeps up, bouncing and barking along with the big dogs. The big dogs are pretty good at pouncing up and over the tiny one. There have been no injuries. 

This morning I had to leave the pack for a while so I could go downtown to Spa Bleu for a much needed pedicure! When the feet start resembling a hobbit, it’s just time to go. 

It’s a cute little place right off Broughton Street in Savannah. If you’re in town and want to be pampered, stop in and ask for Lacey! 

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Melaleuca Monday

I’ve been trying to get back into blogging regularly and have had trouble getting into the habit of it. There are so many things I want to do, but am lacking the focus.

So, time to get my behind in gear and, with God’s help, I can get something done.

I’m going to dedicate Monday to Melaleuca. It’s a company I am confident in; have used their products now for quite some time, and want to spread the word. Of course, there is an opportunity to generate income and, yes, this is one of the reasons I am ‘plugging’ it here on my blog, but I truly love the products and have used so many of them now that I want to tell you all about it!

Today I want to share with you Clarity!


Mary started using this after she’d gone through so many other things. Things from Avon, Mary Kay, most of the over-the-counter stuff and even ProActive.

Nothing really did the job. It was, most times, too strong and irritated her skin more than it helped.

So we decided to give Clarity a try, and, let me tell you, she has had nothing bad to say about it! She has been using it for more than six months now and she’s been very pleased with the results.

I’m not saying that the products she’s used before didn’t work for anyone. Everyone has different skin and different tolerances to products. Mary has pretty sensitive skin and the other products just weren’t a good fit.

But Clarity is.

So if you’re looking for something else to try, you may want to look at Clarity from Melaleuca.


The pictures above are screen shots. They are not linked to anything.

For more information on Clarity or any of Melaleuca’s products, please Click Here! You can also find me at FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter, along with Pinterest!

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I hate bleach!

Don’t get me wrong. Bleach can do a lot of things. It can be helpful in so many areas! Like cleaning up a crime scene or killing that black mold.

But, egad! the SMELL!!!

We’ve used bleach so much over the years we have associated it with the smell of ‘clean’. But how can ‘clean’ really be clean when it smells so bad!

And not to mention, it can make so many people have difficulty breathing when bleach fumes fill a room. It doesn’t even have to be full strength bleach.

One thing I hate worse than the smell of bleach is the smell of mold. Bleach kills most mold, right? But if you can’t stand the mold or the smell of bleach, what do you do?

(Ready for my plug?)

Have you heard of Melaleuca?

It is an awesome company. Been around a long time. And I Love their cleaning products!

There are tons of other products, but the cleaning products are at the top of my list. Right next to their vitamins and hand lotion and… well… I have a lot of favorites.


Click on that picture and take a look at some information about the company! It will just take a minute or two and will give you a great overview of the company.

I have been with Melaleuca  almost two years now and , not only do I enjoy using their products, I receive a nice check every month.

I am working on making that check bigger and you can be a part of it, too! So, take a look and then you can click HERE for more information.

Thank you for looking!!

Why are they so rude?

Matthew 22_37 39

It’s no secret to those around me that I don’t care much for most people. They are irritating. I don’t understand them. They are rude. So caught up in their own little world they are oblivious to everyday niceties. Thank you and excuse me seem to be excluded from their vocabulary. This annoys me.

I try to be polite. I hold the door open for someone following me into the store; I say ‘May I?’ instead of ‘I want.’, and ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ is most definitely in my vocabulary.

The tone may not always be nice.

Have you ever been invisible in the grocery store? I am not a petite person, so I really don’t think it’s a matter of not being seen behind the grocery cart, but I constantly have to move or I will be mowed down by the other shoppers. I will move out of the way when someone comes up to peruse the shelf where I have been looking for what I need; I say ‘excuse me’ when I pass in front of someone else gazing upon the shelves looking for that certain item on their list.

No one says ‘Thank you’ or ‘Excuse me’.

I realize everyone is in their own little world, but it isn’t their own little world! It’s a world full of other people making their way through their day just like everyone else.

I have been banging my head on the wall about this for so long.

This morning I read Matthew 22:37-39. Again.

And we all know this one, right?

Matthew 7:12
Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.

Why has it taken so long for me to understand this?

When I do something that I think is right, or polite, I have always been upset when it was not returned. Why don’t they see I’m being nice? Why aren’t they returning the nicety?

Over and over. Every day. I’ve tortured myself.

It always comes back to the thought that it must me something about me.

But as I read Matthew 22 this morning, I realized that I am not responsible for people to reciprocate my behavior. I am only responsible for exhibiting that behavior.

So simple, I know.

Now, to remember this when I venture out into the sea of humanity. The ocean of rudeness and self-centered action of people all around me continually tests me.

Maybe now the answer to the test was finally found in a few lines of scripture.

Maybe this is where I needed to be to really learn this.

Here are a couple other scriptures that need to go with me whenever I go out.

Ephesians 4:31-32  Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior.  Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another,
just as God through Christ has forgiven you.

2 Timothy 2:24  A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone, be able to teach,
and be patient with difficult people.


James 3_2


It’s so easy to complain.

Especially when I’m behind the wheel of the car.

I just want to get there in one piece, on time and in the most efficient manner. The latter is difficult here in Savannah. If you need to go to Southside Savannah there is really only two ways in and two ways out.

I usually leave early enough to get there, but coming home, I just want to get home.

Then the obstacles set in.

Someone driving too slow, too close; and almost everywhere I look people are driving while looking at their cell phone.

I can complain about it being too hot; too cold; too windy; too dark too early.

And let’s not forget about the house always needing to be cleaned; the dogs needing attention, and the insufferable question, what’s for dinner?

The list goes on and on.

I try not to complain too much, but it comes out anyway.

Until I started actually paying attention, I didn’t really realize how MUCH complaining was going on.

So, here is what I’m doing to make an intentional effort to end the complaining. (At least hit the brakes and make a nice skid mark along the way before I get too far into a complaint.)

On there is a reading plan called The 10-Day Word Fast.  If you aren’t familiar with you can find it HERE.

Isaiah 58_6


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A baby album with Creative Memories



I love making baby albums as gifts for friends and family! They are quick and easy, always turn out So adorable, especially when you can add pictures of that cute little bundle of joy!

Making one with Creative Memories 8 x 8 albums guarantees the receiver will love it!

I have tried every photo album I could get my hands on and I always come back to Creative Memories albums.

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(above photo by Marja Deeth via CM Blog)

Hurricane Matthew

Here in Savannah we are on the other side of Hurricane Matthew now.

We spent a week waiting and watching as this massive storm made its slow march up the Atlantic coast line.

As it unleashed its wrath over town after town, we waited to hear about those in those areas that had to flee.

Bill was in Melbourne, Florida for work. I had intended on going along with him this trip, but, last minute, decided to stay home.

The storm was heading up the coast, so Bill finished his work early and on Wednesday headed up I-95 home. I was worried there may be a lot of evacuation traffic, but he said the road was clear and the drive was uneventful.

Thursday I headed to Hinesville to help some friends clear off their patios in preparation for the strong winds that would be flying through there. Hinesville was pretty much closed down by 2:00.

I headed home to wait for what it might bring to us.

The islands were under mandatory evacuation first, of course, but as the day progressed our county was ordered to evacuate; all those east of I-95. We live just west of the interstate.

We decided to stay home.

If you’ve been in Savannah, you know that it is an area full of trees. Around those trees are more trees. Old oak trees line every street. Tall, spindly pine trees are everywhere!

Several years ago, we had a little experience with these trees in Florida and Hurricane Frances in 2004.



The damage was minimal for us. The trees landed on the carport blocking the cars in, but it did answer the question as to why the neighbors were parking their cars across the street in the church parking lot.

Wires were down knocking out the power for the neighborhood, but we were not hurt. Our friends drove over and picked us up and we stayed at their house for a few days. (Thanks Mike and Debbie!)

When Matthew reared it’s ugly head and the evacuation orders started coming out for Savannah we had some decisions to make.

Our neighborhood has no trees. Well, trees were planted, but no tall, spindly pine trees that sound like gunshots when they snap in a strong wind. This also helps immensely with the allergies that plague us here. Pine pollen is evil.

We cleared the patios, rolled the trash cans into the garage and found a sitter for Mary’s car. Yeah. I had visions of debris flying through the air and we with two brand new cars and a huge insurance bill, asked our sweet neighbor if they had room in their garage.

With the cars tucked away, we gathered everything we could put water into and filled the tubs.


We gathered the candles and flashlights.


And watched and waited.


Friday was more nerve wracking than I thought. I had grand plans on getting more things loaded up into my Etsy Shop, but I couldn’t really focus on anything. I sat and crocheted (another blanket about ready for Etsy!) and watched shows that had been recorded, checking on the storm in between.

Bill and I grew up in Southern California where the natural disasters consist of earthquakes and fires.

I think I prefer earthquakes.

You don’t know they’re coming. They hit. You survive or you don’t.

Hurricanes take their time. Days upon days of hearing we may be in its path. Waiting and watching, wondering where it will turn.

It was projected to get to Savannah during the night and because it was so massive I was really uncomfortable just going to bed, not knowing when we might start getting hit. I was really tired, though, so Bill took first watch and stayed up.

I actually slept.

We really started getting pelted around 4 a.m. The neighbors had left their trash cans on their patio and each of them hit our house. One hit so hard I thought something had fallen upstairs; hard. Bill ran up to look but there was nothing. Then we thought it was something in the attic that had fallen over. But, no. It was a trash can slamming so hard into the side of the house the whole house shook. Fortunately, it missed the windows.

Other than a couple caps off the fence flying off in the wind, we had no damage whatsoever.

Bill entertained the dogs… or rather, the dogs made Bill entertain them…


And we had a hurricane house guest, Lucy.


The neighborhood has been quiet. The people who evacuated will be able to come back into the county today as of 5 o’clock. The airport has been closed. The only thing in the sky has been the helicopters flying overhead assessing the damages.

We are fortunate to live where we do. We came through this with power and no damage.

And I’m so glad there are no trees.



Waiting for the storm, Broughton St in Savannah is empty.


Click on the picture for more details about Matthews aftermath here in Savannah.

(the last two photos I got from the news webpage. I did not take them.)