2016 Documented Life


I can hardly believe January will be coming to an end soon!

I’ve been working in my unPlanner little by little, and have to admit, it’s been a bit of a struggle.

The idea is wonderful! I really love it! I have just been having trouble getting into the groove, the flow, the habit.

I think what has stumped me, is how to ‘art’ it up as I want and keep track of my daily and weekly things. I don’t really want all the stuff I jot down in my planner to be there forever. I need a lot of reminders throughthout the day and a lot of times it is things I don’t necessarily need to remember forever. Writing them down with the art already in place makes me rethink whether or not I want to write it down.

So, I think from now on I will do my pages at the beginning of the new week. That way I can document everything all week long, but edit what I want to ‘save’ on the calendar forever. Ultimately, this, along with all my other journals, scrapbooking albums and art journals will be here for my daughters to find, read and keep for themselves. I’m sure they don’t want to read my notes on my calendar that remind me to take my meds and clean the toilets or go for a mammogram. (gotta write that down for the 5th of February.) (See?)

So, here are my pages for the week of the 18th through the 24th. I just finished them up.

I used some ‘Project Life’ blank cards to put my days of the week. I was just not into art this week, so I used some fabulous paper I got from an Art to the 5th artist a couple of years ago to cover my page and attached the cards to it with washi tape. There wasn’t a whole lot going on this week!


Under the cards was plenty of room to journal about the week.


The weekend was a lot of fun! Not only was it our weekend to spend time with our ‘Savannah’ grandchildren,


I participated in TruthScraps2016 on Saturday.

SO much fun! Totally got me back into wanting to be creative! Tons of techniques and inspiration all day long.


Our List Ten this month was jot down 10 books you’ve read that changed your life. That was a hard one and my list is not complete, because, frankly, I can’t remember all the books I’ve read, so obviously, there wasn’t too many that ‘changed’ my life.

And I can’t find my list. I had a book that I wrote down all I’d read starting back in 1994, I think. Can’t find it.

I left some lines blank so I can add to it! (I need to read more.)

List Ten Books

The art prompt this week was to use words from a magazine in your art. I have two big boxes full of old magazines, maps, ads, etc., that we’ve collected just for this kind of project. I sat down with a stack of magazines and started tearing out text and pictures, whatever caught my attention. Not too much thought in it, just waited for something to pop out at me.

Here is what I came up with.

Your Dream Your Story

Hope you enjoyed looking! If you want to know more and join in on the fun, head over to Art to the 5th and come play with us!



Saturday I had the priviledge to attend Truth Scrap 2016 online with a couple hundred other people! It was hosted by Lain Ehmann and there were six awesome artists participating!

From Truthscrap.com;

“Truth Scrap is the galaxy’s ONLY online, live virtual art and crafting event focused on celebrating the intersection of faith and art. With inspiration brought right to your desktop, there’s no need to change out of your PJs because you’re logging on, right from home!
If you want to learn more about the HOW and WHY of infusing your creativity with your faith, Truth Scrap is the event for you. Learn new skills while getting a new take on old favorites! And with six energizing, talented instructors, you’re sure to be inspired.”

And was I ever inspired!

The artists were all new to me except for Stephanie Ackerman who I’d ‘met’ a couple of years ago with the Documented Life Project and this year with the Documented Faith Project.

Friday night we had a PJ Party with Lain Ehmann to talk about what was going on Saturday and make sure our computers were up to all the excitement. It was a LIVE event with the artists and it was SO much fun! It is really different to see and hear them talk about their art live than just reading their blogs; although I love exploring blogs to see all the inspirational stuff that is found there.

The whole ‘show’ was on West Coast time, so that meant that on Friday I had to stay up past my bedtime a little to join in to see, hear and follow along with the jocularity of the group, but it was worth it. I didn’t stay for the whole party, anxious for the morning when it would start and pretty much incapable of keeping my eyes open for the whole thing, but wanting to be sure my computer was going to cooperate. Of course, I was up before the dawn… here… so that meant five and a half hours before the fun began, but that was okay.

Of course, I can’t share the workshops with you, but I will share all their websites so you can take a look at them and ‘meet’ them, too!

1. Lain Ehmann; Life in the Fast Lane ~ Our lovely hostess, was fun and funny and did an extraordinary job! She managed the whole thing, along with her trusty staff behind the scenes and I loved it when her dogs kept getting let into the room. You have to know how that turned out. The dog wants in; the dog wants out. My dog gets preturbed if you’re in a room and the door is closed and wants in… then wants out… so add a LIVE broadcast and you can imagine.  Hop on over to her website and you can find tons of workshops to take!

(Saw last year’s TruthScrap workshops there just now and I’m in trouble. I want to go take those now!)

2. Florence Antonette introduced us to Bible journaling in her lovely style. She emphasizes using what you have, as do all the artists, which I loved. I really enjoyed seeing her work and, of course, have bookmarked her blog so I can go back and visit her to see what she is up to.

3. Stephanie Ackerman shared her gorgeous doodling and lettering techniques for the margins of your Bible. I took her class on her website just a short time ago and Loved! it! I encourage you to, also. And take a peek at Documented Faith 2016 and see all the happy, prayerful goodness there, too.

4.Liz Hicks decorated a journal start to finish for us! It was beautiful! I was mesmerized watching the whole process. She started with a Bible scripture, writing in on her prepared journal cover, then painted, stamped, doodled, all that painty-goodness until she called it finished. It. Is. Gorgeous.

Since I just ‘met’ her yesterday, I haven’t explored a lot of her blog, but I encourage you to go over and visit! Let her know I said ‘Hi!’.

No, maybe not. She doesn’t know  me. She’d just nod and say, ‘Yeah, okay.’

5. Heather Greenwood talked about using Lists for Bible journaling and showed us how she used her art to enhance her little list book that can be taken with her wherever she goes and add to her lists whenever the thought comes to mind. I loved all her tips and tricks to her art.

There were all kinds of ‘ah ha!’ moments; or lightbulb moments, as Stephanie Ackerman says, (of course I hear the charecter from Dispicable Me in my head every time I say ‘lightbulb’,  during the day seeing all the different process that these artists go through when they are playing with paint, etc.

6.Erin Bassett talked to us about using a Bible verse to guide your art and your life while we got to watch her art process. If you haven’t heard of the One Little Word movement, you can read about it just about anywhere. There are many different versions and takes on it. That link there is for Ali Edward’s website. I have thought about this, also, but wanted to use it faith-based and have been reading different things online, and here is Erin with that exact thing! Loved listening to her speak about it and am definitely going to listen (and watch!) her video from Saturday again.

7. Andrea Chebeleu showed us how to make an Upcycled Journal! THIS is AWESOME!!  I have seen things around blogland, but to see her create it right there LIVE was amazing. I am SO going to make these and I’m sure some will be making it to special friends that will enjoy them. The ideas are swirling around my head so loud I really should to be writing them down. Making a list. Gathering all the special little bits that I would put in them for each of those people I want to make them for.

Andrea is the Heart and Soul of A Work Of Heart in San Jose, California. If I ever get to do the cross-country trip again her shop will be on the list for ‘I HAVE to got there!’ If you happen to be in the area, please go visit her and let me know how awesome her place it, okay?

Whew! That was a lot.

So, all the artists are linked above, but here is another list for you. Have fun visiting them!

Find Lain Ehmann here — http://lainehmann.com/

Pop in to see Stephanie Ackerman here — http://www.homegrownhospitality.typepad.com/

Florence Antonette’s beautiful blog is here — https://www.cocoadaisy.com/blog/

See what Liz Hicks is doing here– http://blogerisms.blogspot.com

Heather Greenwood is hanging out at her place here–  http://www.heathergreenwooddesigns.com/

You have to go visit Erin Bassett in her place in blogland here — http://www.erinbassett.com/

And pop over to Andrea Chebeleu’s shop here until you can actually go into her studio! — http://www.aworkofheart.com/teachers/andrea.asp

I’m going to go get paint on my fingers now.

2016 Documented Life Project: Week 2


Friday already! I finally have something to post about my unPlanner.

The beginning of the week was not a fun one. Not worth talking about, but by Thursday it was better and I got some things done in my planner.

Week two’s prompt was Choose a Quote & Cover All But One Word.

First I trimmed up a peice of background paper I had done up earlier and wrote my quote on it in black.

“You were born by His purpose and for His purpose.”

Wk 2 Quote

I love that bird stamp, so had to use it there… just because.

Then I grabbed a piece of vellum and cut a window out so the word ‘purpose’ could show through. I wanted to be able to see my quote whenever I wanted.

Bird Covering Quote

And there’s that cute bird again.

I attached the vellum to the quote with some yarn and after painting on the back of the vellum to give the bird some color, I adhered the whole thing to my planner.



I used more stamps on the back of the planner page because you can’t have birds without flowers, right?

And because Tuesday and Wednesday were difficult I had to have a bit of a crazy bird there on my planner. He makes me happy.

Blue Bird

Thanks for looking!

**stamps used: Scribbly Birds by Dina Wakley

How Does Your Garden Grow by Dyan Reaveley(dylusions)

Bird Crazy by Tim Holtz(Stampers Anonymous)

On the Hook

Another blanket on the way. What do you think of these colors?

I loved the variegated in the skein and had to buy some. I tried pattern after pattern and it never looked quit right. 

So I ripped them all out. 

Several times. 

So there are lots of these. 

I will have to get more, though, to finish this thing. 

A Creative Mess



Saturday the new prompts come out for the Documented Life Project. I waited and watched with the other thousands of people waiting and watching for the prompt to come out. I was going to have a nice relaxing art day, but the morning went by and the afternoon went by and it’s six thirty now and my art table is just a lonely pile of stuff waiting to be taken care of.

See, instead of an art day, my sweet husband helped me all around the house; moving furniture, cleaning carpets, and whatever else needed to be done.

The front room of our house is supposed to be a formal dining room. We don’t need a formal dining room, so when we moved in I made it another livingroom with nice comfy furniture and no tv. A place to sit and relax. Read. Whatever.

But we didn’t use it.

Annabell did.

The dog.

So, now I am making the front room a workshop area to have scrapbook get-togethers, classes, and just plain fun art stuff!

And then people don’t have to go upstairs to the art loft to play. Unless they want to, of course.

Most of the house is in quite a bit of disarray right now, but that’s okay. Need to make a mess to get it straightened out.

What? That doesn’t happen to you?


Well, I’m off to sort through some stuff that got moved here and there.


Documented Life: Going Out On a Limb; Trying Something New

When the first prompts came out for this years DLP, I was happy to get started and eager to get back into some art. My brain, however, being fogged with the cold or flu or whatever it is I have, didn’t really think about what the prompts were. So I just put stuff together. And it was fun! I love it! I’m not going to change it, but I am, however, revisiting some of the things.

Like our monthly theme:

Going out on a limb; trying something new.

Along with the Documented Life Project I am also participating in the Documented Faith Project. I have been prodded and coaxed and longing to get back to my faith. Someone has been gently (or maybe not too gently) kicking my rear end to remember that I cannot handle all my struggles alone. So I’m listening. And I’m doing my best. I kept going back to the Documented Faith page and reading and really enjoying what was going on and I decided that this was something that would help me.

I recently did the online workshop Bible Journaling & Lettering Inside & Outside the Margins. At first it was because I just LOVE Stephanie Ackerman’s hand writing. I know. But it’s true.

I LOVED the workshop! She is so talented and inspiring. Most importantly, the things she said in the workshop just really hit home for me.

I have often said that I am a recovering perfectionist, but that perfectionist attitude doesn’t completely go away. That is probably why I am so hard on myself so often. Stephanie tells us over and over… it’s not perfect. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s a way of praising God with a gift we’ve been given; creativity.

And you know, I know this. We probably all know this. But sometimes we just don’t LISTEN. Sometimes we need a different voice to tell us.

This new year that voice was Stephanie Ackerman’s for me.

So, I really am not stalking her.

I’m not!


But I have to admit, I admire her and all the great artists that have inspired me through the Art to the 5th group!

SO! On to trying something new:

Here is my first ‘doodle’ using the technique’s from the Bible Journaling workshop.

Home in my Heart

It’s not perfect.

And I love it!

I am so proud of myself!

Here it is with some colored pencil addition.

Home colored


The going out on the limb part for me is posting this right here for you all to see!

I also invite you to save it and color one for yourself if you’d like!

2016 Documented Life Project-the unPlanner

I don’t know if I will post every week here on the blog because my unPlanner isn’t quite planned yet and I don’t know what all will be in it! But that is the whole idea, right?

I have started the New Year out right… sick as a dog… so I’m letting myself soak in all the lovely chatter and sharing on the DLP page and just do what I can do.

I started out with a little gelli plate playing, cultivating some ideas for how I would like to decorate the cover of the first half of the planner (I hear tell that we will need two of them this year and that sounds so exciting!)

I started with a stencil and then some paint… still a work in progress.

I love to organize. It might not look like it around here, but the simple organization of a calendar is relaxing. I, however, can’t just have one calendar. I have one for this, one for that, maybe one for something else.

Hopefully, this one unPlanner will take care of a couple of those things.

I’m not keeping track of the bills in this one, though. I’m just not.

I spent a couple of days in bed with the horrible whatever-it-is I have, but couldn’t resist sitting up at the art table for a while on New Year’s Day and start setting up my January section. My brain was mush and I just kept looking at this and looking at that, so I decided to keep it simple. I used some beautiful paper I had gotten last year, or the year before, or it could have been this year. Who knows.

Here is the first page inside the book.

Not my art work! Can you guess who’s it is? I bet you can.

 I made a tag and did some stitching around it. Again, not my art work. Well, it’s kind of mine. I bought it. You get it.

Then I made a little sign to remember the project in years to come, but after a bit of reflection, figured out why it looked wrong!

The stamp set I used is only lower-case letters, so DLP looks like dip!

dip 2016!!

Well, I felt like a dip so I left it.

A good chuckle for the rest of the year.

And a quick look at the weekly page inside.

I had to include pictures of my girls right in the front. They are always in the front of my thoughts and I love them so much. So there they are.

Then I was really proud of my little piece of art!

I may or may not share the meaning of the art, but my 16 is hidden there in plain sight; the day I turned 16.

Thanks for looking!

Happy unPlanning!