Love those big cats!

Mary and I spent a few hours at the Jacksonville Zoo yesterday for a couple of reasons. One, there is a new baby tiger and, two, our annual pass is going to expire soon. And I can’t get another one right now.

My computer has decided to take another vacation so I am posting on my phone, but I wanted to share a few of the awesome pictures Mary took!

 Isn’t this the cutest baby tiger ever!

 Hopefully I can get my computer to cooperate soon, before I pull all my hair out, and get more pictures up.

Thanks for popping in for a visit!

The Art Journal with #thecraftiecutie

To learn about this project with The Craftie Cutie, go to her blog at and on Twitter @thecraftiecutie AND get your own art journal at AND on Periscope @thecraftiecutie.

Go! You know you want to!

So, I got her awesome journal and it didn’t take long for me to figure out how I wanted to use it. She sends it printed perfectly on awesome paper, but it is not bound so you can do what you want with it.

Here’s what I have done so far:


Here it is straight out of the mailbox. Well, it came in an envelope, of course… yeah.

I have had this book hanging around forever and have never really come up with a good use for it, so it’s perfect for what I want to do.


I have this and that written in it, but that doesn’t matter, I’ll just cover it up.


I glued all the wonderfully colorful pages of The Art Journal into my book, spaced out throughout, not too terribly precise, but it will work perfect. I punched some tabs out of some painted background paper I had made last month so I can flip to any of the pages I want when I want!

The very first part of the journal concerns walls and all the walls we put up to protect ourselves, hide behind and eventually close ourselves within.


I started working on my ‘walls’, writing down all the things that came to mind along with Cutie while she was broadcasting on Periscope.

This is a very personal project and not all details will be revealed, at least to anyone other than me, I hope, but I wanted to share some of what I am doing in hopes of giving someone the courage to do what they need to do to demolish those walls. Cutie was very encouraging to me. She made it feel possible. Sometimes it just takes the simple, kind words of a stranger to spark that fire; to speak to the urge to work through the garbage that is lingering.

When I thought I had enough words on my ‘wall’ after pondering, fishing through and drilling my brain for all I thought should be on there, I started writing whatever came to mind. I wasn’t neat. I wasn’t preparing a paper to be shared. I just wanted to pour it out on the paper. It was all things I’ve sorted through before. I thought I was finished with it. Apparently, I wasn’t. I scribbled and scratched all my childhood fears, anger and turmoil onto the page. Well, not all of it. That’s why I chose that big book to do this in! I’m sure there is more to get down on paper.

walls 3

Surprisingly, this only took a few minutes to scratch out. I was soon exhausted, but felt better. I knew what I would do next.

walls 5

I covered all that shit up!

Here are the pictures of how it progressed.

walls 6

walls 7

walls 8


I really didn’t put too much though into the picture. As a recovering perfectionist this technique in art is hard for me; crooked lines, proportion thrown out the window; it all good though.

Thanks for looking! And check out the links at the top of the post!

My Top 5 Pins on Pinterest!

I remember when Pinterest first caught my interest. I didn’t really understand what it was all about, but I started adding things here and there. I’d figure it out later.

Well, now I have oodles and oodles of pins on my boards and visiters and followers.

It occured to me one day that those boards may need to be thinned out.

I have never gone back and really looked at my pins in detail to see if the links still work and, gee, don’t you think I should?

I get frustrated sometimes when browsing through Pinterest when the links don’t work, or they go to Flickr, because I can’t figure out Flickr and my journey from Pin to actual destination is frought with side roads, road construction and sometimes just a dive off a cliff I didn’t see coming.

And I wanted to see how THAT was made!

So I started with my board for digital art. I knew it was probably full of links that went no where because I had noticed quite a few stores online going out of business. (sad)

There were TONS of links that didn’t work.

But I think I got it all cleaned up.

I decided to see what kind of pins people liked from my Pinterest page and here are the top 5.

1.Fox Punch Art


2. Cardinal Punch Art


3. Scrap Card


4. Explosion Box Video


5 Flat Braid Joining



Interesting that 4 out of 5 are for cards and 1 for crocheting. I mean, I have boards for art and mixed media, which is art, so, yeah, redundant statement. Boards for, well, all kinds of things!

If you love browsing Pinterest, follow me over there; yeah, over there on the side is a Pinterest button! Be adventurous! Don’t just browse the feed, hop on some boards and check them out! I’m going to go browse my own boards and remember all the pins I’ve forgotten.

If you find a pin on my boards that don’t link up properly, please let me know! I HaTe it when that happens!

Art Journaling Through Proverbs

Happy Monday!

I wanted to share with you something I am participating in that included time with God, paint, and messy painty fingers.

Sue Wojtkowski has started a 12-week journey that involves art through Proverbs. I have been following her on her blog and seeing her around the art world for a while, so I had to jump on her band wagon (cuz wagons can be fun)  and participate in learning more about Proverbs and maybe get some art lessons in the mix, too.

You can find her blog HERE>>>>> Irreversibly Moi

I linked up the page for Journaling through Proverbs, but make sure you spend some time and explore her home there. I love it.

Since I really want to support her in her venture, I am not going to give all the details, but I would like to show you my page for the first week. I encourage you to check out her blog, read what this is about and if it speaks to you, please join us!


I used some techniques I hadn’t done before and I’m really happy how it turned out, despite the fact that none of my pens would work for the scripture. I ended up using my black Stabilo pencil. You can still see the faint pencil line I used for sketching out the words still, but I don’t care.

I used an old ledger to work in and may have to rethink that. The pages got wet and are really thin, but it will work out I guess. Despite prepping the pages ahead of time they were pretty flimsy. I added a piece of cardstock to the back of the page the tree is on to firm it up some.

Here are some pictures of how it went from beginning to end. I’m pretty new at this stuff, but I think it turned out beautifully!


I prepped the paper with Gesso, then used Gelato’s to make the back ground. First just scribbled some color on the pages. They’re like big, soft crayons (kind of) so it was fun.


After blending the colors it was REALLY BRIGHT!!! Pretty, but a little bright.


I toned it down using white acrylic paint and played with stencils.


Love messy painty fingers.


Page out of a Nat’l Geographic Magazine


I cut the tree out of the magazine, making sure to save the elephant picture for my daughter. She will use that later, I’m sure. I added a couple of my own ‘branches’ while cutting out the picture.

I glued it onto my page with some matte gel medium and started painting over it, hoping it would look a little like a tree by the time I got through with it.


I took a picture with my phone to have in front of me for reference in shading and color.

Not too bad for a first attempt, I think.


The white ‘glops’ you see on the edge of the tree is the matte gel medium I put on thickly so I wouldn’t smear the black pencil lines around the tree. I sprayed it with a fixative, too, because I used the water soluble Stabilo pencil for the lettering.

I notched a couple holes in the truck of the tree and thread my ribbon through so I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to glue it on, and tied a nice little bow.

I am looking forward to our next journey in Proverbs! Hope you’ll join us!

Thank you for looking!

Colonial Days at Wormsloe!

I love going to different State Parks wherever we live and in Savannah there are so many wonderful historical places to visit!

I grew up in Los Angeles and we learned all about the Spanish Missions in California. Here it is so different! Who’d of thought!

I subscribe to a couple of different websites hoping to find out what is going on around Savannah before it happens instead of after it happens. I would get so frustrated seeing a news segment about something that had already happened that I finally fired off a brain cell and looked for something to tell me before they happen!

Smart, right?


I found the Colonial Day notice and put it on my calendar and we actually went!

I grabbed my two Savannah grand kids an off we went to see what there was to see.


We made a stop at Best Buy to drop off my computer. It’s very sick. I’m working on my old laptop hoping it doesn’t die during my post.

I LOVE Wormsloe!  We have been there in all different seasons and my favorite is Spring when everything is green and blooming, but winter has it’s beauty, too. The lane through the oak trees, dripping with Spanish Moss is beautiful.


I have many pictures without cars in the lane, but this is a big event and it was pretty crowded.

Before we drove down, I snapped a couple of the kids by the entrance.

A breathtaking avenue sheltered by live oaks and Spanish moss leads to the tabby ruins of Wormsloe, the colonial estate of Noble Jones (1702-1775). Jones was a humble carpenter who arrived in Georgia in 1733 with James Oglethorpe and the first group of settlers from England. Wormsloe’s tabby ruin is the oldest standing structure in Savannah.

Click on ‘Wormsloe’ in the quote and read more about this awesome place!

We saw tents in the distance as we walked up from where we parked the car and I thought they would be filled with period clothed people reenacting how people lived during this time in history.

They were vendors.

Vendors selling a myriad of cheesy, bad  replicas of toys and things settlers may or may not have used. It was interesting for a minute. The kids did get to go through and spy some little things they had to have and I was happy to oblige. Gotta spoil them a bit. I’m grandma, right?

They did their best to help with the mud after our torrential rain fall on Thursday. There were some puddles just to big to even attempt a fix, but that was okay. We did have the discussion that, yes, it was going to be muddy, but, no, you will not intentionally jump in a huge puddle because your feet will be wet and freeze and you will be miserable and I’m not going to leave because your feet are wet and you are miserable because you jumped in that huge puddle.


We came across a group of soldiers taking a break from their duties this fine, cold day and Jayden looked like he wanted to see what was up.

So I asked him, “Do you want to talk to them?”

Jayden: No.

Me: Do you want to ask them a question?

Jayden: No.

Me: Do you want me to ask them a question?

Jayden: No

Me: Do you want a picture of them?

Jayden: Nods in the affirmative

So I ask the soldier if I might take his picture.

He smiles and says, “How about a picture with me?”

Jayden eagerly went over to him to get in the picture. Kenzee did, too. I was so proud of him! He’s so serious sometimes, I love to see when he lets his guard down and actually lets us see him have fun!


After the picture, the soldier told us all about the rifles they used during the war. Jayden stayed captivated throughout the whole thing. It was really interesting, too!


Kenzee’s biggest wish for the day, other than lunch, was if there would be horses to see. We hadn’t seen any thus far, so she asked if she could ask someone. We saw more people in Colonial garb and she went right up to them to ask her question.

They didn’t think there would be any horses, which was really disappointing, but the girl Kenzee asked was so sweet and she and her friends posed for a picture. Kenzee got to hold her flute which made Kenzee really happy! She’s holding onto it with such care because she promised she wouldn’t drop it!


We wandered around the ruins of the original house, but didn’t venture down any trails. It was too cold, but I will take them back when it’s warmer. We love walking trails.

There was a parade of sorts, filled with the characters roaming the place all day, along with a group of children that participated. I didn’t get any pictures of that, though. During that I had my first live broadcast on Periscope.

If you don’t know what that is, click on the link and check it out! You can follow me by looking up DeannaScraps. If you need something really funny you can catch me when I broadcast. My first one was really bumpy, not really too interesting, but, hey, my husband and my Savannah daughter (also known as Mom to the kids in the pictures) got to see what we were up to on our day out.

We wandered through the visitor’s center and the museum there and then headed for the next most exciting thing on our list of things to do while we were out and about.



Her best walrus face.

Hope you had fun along with our adventures!




What? NO Pictures??

So my blog posts have been piling up… in my head.

I’ve had a bit of trouble getting my pictures onto the computer.

Everything was running a bit too smoothly in the tech department and someone or something decided to throw a monkey wrench in the plan.

There’s a problem with Windows 10 apparently that is affecting the syncing of my phone to the computer when I plug it in. I did my due diligence and searched for a couple of hours only to learn that I probably can’t fix it.

So I went to bed.

Around midnight.

This morning I was hoping the computer fairies would have paid a visit, but they didn’t.

I have finally got the pictures on the computer, though!

So I will be preparing my posts for Documented Life and some fun art journaling I’ve been doing!

For today, though, I’ll leave you with this…


This is Bill’s driver. She picked him up at Heathrow. I don’t think she was pleased when he asked to take her picture. She didn’t understand he wanted her to hold up the sign with his name on it.

‘Cuz we asked him to.

Oh, I’ll have the pictures from Bill that he took during his few days in the UK.