What Do You Clean With?

I started learning about how many toxic chemicals we used in every day cleaning a while back and I was really pleased using cleaning supplies that were better for our health. I wasn’t too keen on the other company, though.

Since I found Young Living and started using Thieves to clean with it has been amazing! It’s true! One bottle of Thieves can be used to clean just about everything! We haven’t tried it on everything, yet, but we are on our way!

So far, we use it for cleaning the counters, the stove, the stainless appliances. We dilute it and use as an air freshener! I spray it inside the washer to keep the yuck out of there. Bathrooms? Every inch! We even use the Thieves laundry soap. Love it!

So here is a little graphic to see all the things you can do with Thieves!everyday-oils-thieves-clean-safely

You can also go on my website and check everything out!

Savannah Oils

As Plain as the Nose on your Face…

Or not.

My last post was about the incredible discoveries the allergist made.

We were off to an ENT not too many days after we saw the allergist and he announced that her nose had been broken, according to the CT. They had trouble finding someone who was still taking our insurance and taking new patients.

The doctor looks at the CT and tells us that, no, Mary’s nose was not broken, but it looks like there is an old break on her jaw. What? So, we sit and discuss why Mary is not a good candidate for surgery, but we should see the oral surgeon about that xray that shows her jaw may have been broken. He discusses why Mary is so congested and we have an in-depth discussion about how the sinus works and, in Mary’s case, do not work.

There you go. Have a nice day.

We were so stunned at everything, we did not think to say, ‘Well, what now?’

No broken nose.

Off to the dentist office. I explain to the receptionist what I need and she is off to talk to the dentist. A few minutes later the dentist comes out and, after looking at the xray, says that there is no break and there never was one. She is curious as to why the ENT thinks that and asks if we Mary can come in and get another xray so she can look at a new one. The new xray confirms to the dentist that there is no break. Never was one.


So, even though it took a lot of running around, we know there is not break. That gets rid of a whole lot of rotten stuff. But it doesn’t help Mary’s current condition.

So, off to the ENT again. I call the office and explain that we had not asked what we SHOULD be doing, so they got us in the next day and we got to talk to someone again.

Now she is on a 21 day course of antibiotic, which I wasn’t too keen on, but she’s got a full blown sinus infection… again. We were armed with an arsenal of things to do and are doing it all. One minute she can be feeling better and one minute she’s not.

It’s a mess.

But we talk every day and go through the good things going on and trying to keep the negative to a minimum. Day to day. Hour by hour. Minute by minute.

One of the few things that seem to be helping her is losing herself in lavendar.


Doctors Make Me Sick

I have really neglected my blog for quite some time. I know. You’ve noticed. You’ve been on Face Book, though, right? There has been a lot of posts. Probably too many. You’re probably scrolling right past them. That’s okay. Let me start from the beginning.

Back in November, Mary had a car accident. It was horrifying. The Honda was great. It did its job. The airbags went off and no one was seriously hurt. For the next two months we dealt with doctors, physical therapists and insurance companies.

Mary came through it all fine, despite the physical therapy and the guilt that riddled her because she had a friend in the car.

We thought.

In January her sinus’ started acting up. This has happened before, so off we went to the doctor and got the usual. Antibiotics and steroids.

By the end of January things weren’t getting any better.  To the doc again. A new round.

I started looking for answers. What else can I do for the poor thing? Her head was so full, the pressure was horrible and she was miserable.


I called the doctor again and asked for an appointment with the ENT. It took a week before they called me and by then I realized that we needed an allergist.

We had a humidifier going in her room, pretty much non stop, switching between just a cool mist and using the Vick’s pads to get that in the air, hoping it would help. She said it did to some extent, but wasn’t doing too much. It helped her sleep at night a bit, but her sinus’ were not clearing up.

We finally got an appointment with the allergist. March 27.

We had a good conversation with the allergist before he administered all the poisonous drops to Mary’s arms to see what she was allergic to and found out some really interesting things.


She is allergic to pretty much everything.

Mold, trees, grass, dogs, cats, dust; pretty much everything,

Good to know.

This answers so many questions, like why she sneezes every time she goes outside. Instantly.

But it didn’t give us the answer to the congestion problem. He asked us how long this particular episode had been going on and as Mary and I discussed it, the car accident came up in our recollection of the timeline.

The doctor immediately turned around and said, ‘Car accident?’

He left the room for a minute and came back with a scope to look up inside her nose.

He thought he saw polyps, but was not sure and said we were going to be sent for a CT to see what was going on there.

He started  her on allergy shots after what he saw on her arms. Apparently, her body treats grass like a venom causing a horrendous reaction.

Allergy shots every week that will, hopefully, get a handle on the congestion issues.

April 10th Mary and Bill went to her follow-up appointment to get a shot and to get the results of the CT.

Mary’s nose had been broken in the car accident.

Her glasses had been bent, but there were no outward signs of a breakage. Her face hurts all the time with the damn allergies!

So, he says that we will continue the shots and see how it goes.


See how it goes?

She is still miserable. Her sinus’ won’t drain. Her face hurts. Her head. Her neck. Her TEETH!

Tomorrow we will be heading down to the allergist’s office for her weekly shot, but there is going to be a bigger discussion going on.

This waiting to see what happens is not going to continue, considering that the MRI she had wasn’t addressed as to ‘something going on with her sinus on the right side, but looks like nothing’, no xrays were taken at the ER after the accident and it took the ALLERGIST to connect the accident to her sinus’ and did not hesitate to get a CT done.

I am just a bit pissed.



Pets and Pedicures

They are all very attentive when there is food involved! I love to get pictures of the whole pack when I can, though. Our three, plus the houseguests have been getting along well! Maddie, the biggest Lab, is her usual grumpy self from time to time, but I think she enjoys being grumpy sometimes. 

It’s really fun watching all of them play in the back yard! The tiny dog keeps up, bouncing and barking along with the big dogs. The big dogs are pretty good at pouncing up and over the tiny one. There have been no injuries. 

This morning I had to leave the pack for a while so I could go downtown to Spa Bleu for a much needed pedicure! When the feet start resembling a hobbit, it’s just time to go. 

It’s a cute little place right off Broughton Street in Savannah. If you’re in town and want to be pampered, stop in and ask for Lacey! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Why are they so rude?

Matthew 22_37 39

It’s no secret to those around me that I don’t care much for most people. They are irritating. I don’t understand them. They are rude. So caught up in their own little world they are oblivious to everyday niceties. Thank you and excuse me seem to be excluded from their vocabulary. This annoys me.

I try to be polite. I hold the door open for someone following me into the store; I say ‘May I?’ instead of ‘I want.’, and ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ is most definitely in my vocabulary.

The tone may not always be nice.

Have you ever been invisible in the grocery store? I am not a petite person, so I really don’t think it’s a matter of not being seen behind the grocery cart, but I constantly have to move or I will be mowed down by the other shoppers. I will move out of the way when someone comes up to peruse the shelf where I have been looking for what I need; I say ‘excuse me’ when I pass in front of someone else gazing upon the shelves looking for that certain item on their list.

No one says ‘Thank you’ or ‘Excuse me’.

I realize everyone is in their own little world, but it isn’t their own little world! It’s a world full of other people making their way through their day just like everyone else.

I have been banging my head on the wall about this for so long.

This morning I read Matthew 22:37-39. Again.

And we all know this one, right?

Matthew 7:12
Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.

Why has it taken so long for me to understand this?

When I do something that I think is right, or polite, I have always been upset when it was not returned. Why don’t they see I’m being nice? Why aren’t they returning the nicety?

Over and over. Every day. I’ve tortured myself.

It always comes back to the thought that it must me something about me.

But as I read Matthew 22 this morning, I realized that I am not responsible for people to reciprocate my behavior. I am only responsible for exhibiting that behavior.

So simple, I know.

Now, to remember this when I venture out into the sea of humanity. The ocean of rudeness and self-centered action of people all around me continually tests me.

Maybe now the answer to the test was finally found in a few lines of scripture.

Maybe this is where I needed to be to really learn this.

Here are a couple other scriptures that need to go with me whenever I go out.

Ephesians 4:31-32  Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior.  Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another,
just as God through Christ has forgiven you.

2 Timothy 2:24  A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone, be able to teach,
and be patient with difficult people.

End of Month Push!!

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Hurricane Matthew

Here in Savannah we are on the other side of Hurricane Matthew now.

We spent a week waiting and watching as this massive storm made its slow march up the Atlantic coast line.

As it unleashed its wrath over town after town, we waited to hear about those in those areas that had to flee.

Bill was in Melbourne, Florida for work. I had intended on going along with him this trip, but, last minute, decided to stay home.

The storm was heading up the coast, so Bill finished his work early and on Wednesday headed up I-95 home. I was worried there may be a lot of evacuation traffic, but he said the road was clear and the drive was uneventful.

Thursday I headed to Hinesville to help some friends clear off their patios in preparation for the strong winds that would be flying through there. Hinesville was pretty much closed down by 2:00.

I headed home to wait for what it might bring to us.

The islands were under mandatory evacuation first, of course, but as the day progressed our county was ordered to evacuate; all those east of I-95. We live just west of the interstate.

We decided to stay home.

If you’ve been in Savannah, you know that it is an area full of trees. Around those trees are more trees. Old oak trees line every street. Tall, spindly pine trees are everywhere!

Several years ago, we had a little experience with these trees in Florida and Hurricane Frances in 2004.



The damage was minimal for us. The trees landed on the carport blocking the cars in, but it did answer the question as to why the neighbors were parking their cars across the street in the church parking lot.

Wires were down knocking out the power for the neighborhood, but we were not hurt. Our friends drove over and picked us up and we stayed at their house for a few days. (Thanks Mike and Debbie!)

When Matthew reared it’s ugly head and the evacuation orders started coming out for Savannah we had some decisions to make.

Our neighborhood has no trees. Well, trees were planted, but no tall, spindly pine trees that sound like gunshots when they snap in a strong wind. This also helps immensely with the allergies that plague us here. Pine pollen is evil.

We cleared the patios, rolled the trash cans into the garage and found a sitter for Mary’s car. Yeah. I had visions of debris flying through the air and we with two brand new cars and a huge insurance bill, asked our sweet neighbor if they had room in their garage.

With the cars tucked away, we gathered everything we could put water into and filled the tubs.


We gathered the candles and flashlights.


And watched and waited.


Friday was more nerve wracking than I thought. I had grand plans on getting more things loaded up into my Etsy Shop, but I couldn’t really focus on anything. I sat and crocheted (another blanket about ready for Etsy!) and watched shows that had been recorded, checking on the storm in between.

Bill and I grew up in Southern California where the natural disasters consist of earthquakes and fires.

I think I prefer earthquakes.

You don’t know they’re coming. They hit. You survive or you don’t.

Hurricanes take their time. Days upon days of hearing we may be in its path. Waiting and watching, wondering where it will turn.

It was projected to get to Savannah during the night and because it was so massive I was really uncomfortable just going to bed, not knowing when we might start getting hit. I was really tired, though, so Bill took first watch and stayed up.

I actually slept.

We really started getting pelted around 4 a.m. The neighbors had left their trash cans on their patio and each of them hit our house. One hit so hard I thought something had fallen upstairs; hard. Bill ran up to look but there was nothing. Then we thought it was something in the attic that had fallen over. But, no. It was a trash can slamming so hard into the side of the house the whole house shook. Fortunately, it missed the windows.

Other than a couple caps off the fence flying off in the wind, we had no damage whatsoever.

Bill entertained the dogs… or rather, the dogs made Bill entertain them…


And we had a hurricane house guest, Lucy.


The neighborhood has been quiet. The people who evacuated will be able to come back into the county today as of 5 o’clock. The airport has been closed. The only thing in the sky has been the helicopters flying overhead assessing the damages.

We are fortunate to live where we do. We came through this with power and no damage.

And I’m so glad there are no trees.



Waiting for the storm, Broughton St in Savannah is empty.


Click on the picture for more details about Matthews aftermath here in Savannah.

(the last two photos I got from the news webpage. I did not take them.)

Who Wants to go to London?

Well, we all do, right?

But more importantly, my cousin’s daughter wants to go to London! (So she’s my 2nd cousin? I don’t know. It’s family.)

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Thank you for reading and sharing!!

How can she be 19 already?

September came here to Savannah with Hurricane Hermine.

It flew off the Gulf Coast and swirled across our area with all it’s wind and rain, thankfully, leaving us with no damage around our home unlike many in it’s path.


Mary turned 19 on the 2nd and, along with my many confused thoughts of unbelief, she stepped into this new age with beauty and grace, as she does with many things.

“How can this be?” I asked myself many, many times as the day approached. “She was just this little girl with curly, blonde hair, just a few days ago, right?”

Time flies and they grow up so fast.

The birthday question lingered in my thoughts for quite a few months. What should we do? Her 18th was shadowed with heartache and grief, but again, as is her way, she let it go by and worried more about how I was doing after the death of Pat.

I was determined to do something special this year. I wanted to do something big. Something she really, really wanted. I wanted to please her. I wanted her to remember this day this year with fondness.

Of course, things don’t work out as I plan. Nothing big happened. No great adventure was in the schedule.

But time.

Precious time was available and we spent it together, the three of us and a special friend.

This made the day special. Time with my youngest daughter who has quickly left all the ‘little girl’ behind (except maybe watching Scooby Doo)  and becoming such a confident, loving young woman. A young woman, like her sister, who is too smart for the world’s own good, who does her best no matter how frustrating it may be, who gives her all no matter how long and hard the list is and always lets me know, in one way or another, just how she loves me and her dad.

So here are some moments from Mary’s 19th birthday! I loved every minute of it.


She had to work on Friday, but was home early enough to enjoy some paper shredding. There were three boxes waiting for her on the dining room table when she got home. After dinner she got to see what was inside.


Mary loves all things ‘elephant’ so she was happy with this little trinket tray with a cute elephant on top.


She’d been looking at this jewelry stand for a long time, but didn’t want to spend the money on it every time she had it in her hands. It always found itself back on the store shelf before we left. This was great for me, because I finally got back to the store by myself, snatched it up, and hid it until her birthday. Then I would silently chant, ‘don’t buy it. don’t buy it.’ every time she looked at it again while we were shopping together.

I found a really cute necklace with a Lab pendant, which she’s wearing in the picture, and a cute sign for her wall in a dog theme, that rounded out the evening of gifts. Nothing flashy. Nothing too expensive. Just things I knew (hoped) she would love to have.

I think her most favorite thing for her birthday, though, was our house guest!


Our friend, Melissa, came to visit before her weekend with her sister! We hadn’t had any Melissa time in quite a while and we were all happy to have her here to share Mary’s birthday. The two of them were off and chattering about all the things they’d been doing since the last time they’d seen each other. It was a wonderful thing to hear around the house. Of course the visit was too short; we could keep Melissa here a lot longer, but more plans are in the works to spend more time with her in the future.

I had fun taking pictures of these two! It was adorable. Melissa is telling her all about how she took pictures for me and I snapped away, capturing the joy that is apparent on both of them with their laughter and happy faces.


(Neither of you better yell at me for posting these, either!)

The next girl in line for Mary pictures was Maddie.


I don’t think Ellie would pose like this. She needs some practice.

Soon after we were on our way to find some dessert. The air had gone out in the house throughout the week and there really was no way I was going to turn the oven on to bake a cake. Besides, when the birthday girl is an awesome baker, it’s kind of daunting to present her with a box birthday cake.

Besides, she really wanted to go to the Schnitzel Shack for Black Forest Cake, but, alas, with the storm, they were not open. She was even willing to go to Dairy Queen, but they were closed, too! So we headed across the street to see how busy Chili’s was on this Friday night right after a storm.


It looked busier than it was, so we got a table and enjoyed some birthday dessert.


We stopped at Sam’s Club where Mary picked up her own birthday present. She’s been working a while, paying her car payment and saving money, so she decided to treat herself to a new, HUGE, television. Of course, we had to give her a hard time about it being bigger than the one in the living room, but she was so happy to be able to buy something with her own earned money. As hard as she’s been working, she certainly deserves to spoil herself.

Happy 19, Mary! I hope it was a happy one.