Off to South Carolina!

Well, we were off.

We’re home now.

We headed out Friday morning, Bill and I, to South Carolina to help some dear friends move. I knew they were going to move, but never remembered when exactly. One day I threw out a text to her and found out they had not moved yet and when I heard the details later, plans were made, Bill took Friday off, and we were off that Friday morning to haul boxes and furniture with them.

We’ve been friends since their youngest and our oldest were in high school together and they have helped us move a few times. We were due to return the favor. Especially since one has a broken finger and the other has a broken foot. Those facts don’t keep them from doing a whole hell of a lot, but moving furniture really shouldn’t be done alone with those tiny details staring them in the face.

We had a nice drive up, it’s not terribly far from Savannah. We arrived at the house just after they had gone to pick up the truck, so we were set to work.

Can I just say that it was hot? I mean HOT! Damn HOT!! Not only because it’s summer in the South, but because the whole country is presently in the oven with the dial turned way up! But we had two coolers of water and Gatorade and we just tried not to think about it too terribly much.

The guys were in it more than Debbie and I and I only felt a bit guilty throughout the weekend. Bill is more used to the heat than anyone else since he seems to like to go for his run in the summer heat, a fact that I really have quit trying to understand. I nag about it a little, but he takes his water and takes it easy, so he runs in the heat.

Two of our friends grandchildren were there for a visit and we had a great time getting to know them again. The grandson is 10 now and the last time we saw him, he was about 2! Bill and I had great fun regaling him with stories of him as a toddler. He is growing into a smart, handsome young man. And is big sister is a beauty! So sweet and smart! The two of them went all out with everything they were asked to do over the weekend.

Their new house is cute! It needs a little tender loving care, as most do.


Bright and early Saturday morning we were up and ready to go, left our hotel and had a bite to eat before the day began.


Saturday was also Bill’s birthday, so the kids and I ran out to the store and picked up a cake so we could enjoy a little birthday celebration during the moving party!


We ended up having the cake on Sunday afternoon. Saturday was long and it was kind of late by the time we wrapped things up for the night. But the cake was delicious! Publix won me over big time in the cake department.


With promises of another birthday celebration at home with Mary, I think Bill didn’t mind one bit about his little ol’ 60th birthday!

And this couple here enjoyed a few minutes of together time over their piece of cake.


They look serious here, but I missed the shot of them sharing a bite of cake and looking at each other like they were two teenagers with a first crush. They are an amazing couple. Love them dearly.

And, no, Mountain Dew was not the drink of choice to go with the cake. It was just there on the table. I hope.


I had to take pictures of this beautiful plant! The plants were the last to be brought over, of course, and this one is so stunning! It made the trip safely and I’m sure it will love its new home.

Bill and I got home to Savannah Sunday evening and had a nice night with Mary and the dogs. From the recliners. In front of the TV. Until our heads hit the pillows. Early.

Saturday Drive

Bill and I took off Saturday morning to go check out another Georgia State Park. We were on our way to General Coffee State Park, looking forward to driving down some roads we haven’t been on before. We left Mary home with the dogs to sleep until her shift at work. Off just the two of us again? Twice in one month! Unheard of.

I had printed directions to the park, but also punched in the address to OnStar (Love OnStar, by the way) and off we went. The route took us through Hinesville and Jessup. Once through Jessup we were on roads untraveled.

The scenery was quite what I expected, nothing too terribly different except for there was very little traffic on these little highways and that is always a good thing. We read street signs and billboards and poked fun at some; always a good road trip game.

The new Equinox took the trip like a champ. I’m getting used to using the Eco button along with the cruise control to save gas. Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that we had on the Cruze, it’s still fun to drive. I do miss the back up camera the Cruze had. You could see all the way around cars parked next to you in a parking lot. The Equinox has a camera, also, but without the extra side views.

We made it to the park with no trouble. It’s just outside Douglas, Georgia. We first drove the whole length of the park, checking out the campsites (not that we will be doing that anytime soon), the cabins (this may be a possibility), and the Heritage Farm.

It was hot, of course, so we didn’t venture out on the nature trails, but took a leisurely walk around the lake.


There were not too many people inhabiting the park, so it was pretty peaceful. A gathering of some sort was going on at one shelter, gearing up for some sort of celebration.

We strolled through the Heritage Farm where the most activity were the roosters making some noise, apparently ratting out the two who seemed to escape the pen.

Flew the coup!

At first we thought the chickens and roosters were the only animals to view here, but then we saw this little guy lounging in an empty flower bed or feeding trough. I don’t know what it was, but he thought it was comfortable.

No food for you, sorry

Goat found in planter

Lounging in a planter.

I know he was hoping we had something for him to nibble on, but I broke the news gently that he was out of luck.

We left him with his disappointment and headed for the path around the lake and came upon these little cuties!


They were sniffling and snorting around in the mud, enjoying the shade and not giving us the time of day.


There were some horses in a pasture beyond the pigs, but I couldn’t really get a good picture of them.

We continued around the lake and stopped on a little bridge to take this picture of us.

Selfie of us!

And off we went.




Let me just say, the air conditioning in the Equinox works really well.

We fired it up and headed to Douglas to see what there was to see and find some lunch. In days past we would have packed a lunch and found a shady spot at the park, but these days the heat, humidity and bugs that abound makes a restaurant much more appealing.

We came upon a cute little pizza and sandwich shop right in the middle of town and stopped in to give it a try. It was really good! I forgot to take a picture. Sorry.

But outside the window I noticed something and I had to take a picture. If you’re at all familiar with the computer game SIMs, I thought this might be a hidden gem.


The house is awesome! Love it! Until I read the sign.


Now we know where the SIMs people go when you don’t take care of them.

We found two things that made me stop and go back and grab a picture.

This is an awesome little bank!

Awesome Bank in Alma, GA

And this barn somewhere on the way to Douglas.

Barney Fife

Wished the election signs weren’t there. I hate election signs.

All in all we had a really fun day! We got home just in time to see Mary before she headed off to work!

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed our little trip!